Matthias Helmrich --

I am a photographer working in both the Kassel and Berlin photography scene. I have my own studio, and several years of experience in fashion, theater and erotic photography. Black-and-white and road photography also mean a lot to me. The camera doesn’t take the photo, the photographer does. That’s why I have strived to attain technical and professional expertise, and why I take time to plan the perfect photo. I am always looking for attractive, talented and interesting people with strong personalities to put in front of the lens. Women and men who are interested in joining a shoot, can contact me.        


My qualifications are State Certified Diploma in Communication Economics.

References --

Member of Deutscher Foto-Jornalistenverband (DFJ) I Copartner of Foto Studio EinRaum Kassel I Boedeker Partners I Arriyadh Development Authority (Saudi Arabia) I Volkswagen AG I VOGUE Italia I Lambertz Monday Night I Fashion Week Berlin (Showfloor) I Black Jewels Clothing I Mädchentraum I Eulenstein Coture I Friedrichstadt - Palast Berlin I Akademie für Absatzwirtschaft Kassel I Teufelsberg Berlin I Spreepark Berlin I Eve Coture I Krayenzeit

Terms&Conditions --

Booking is available on PAY, also on TFP (Time for Print) basis. Photoshoots can be from 2 to 4 hours and the whole day (please write me a message for pricing informations). If an overnight stay is necessary, then the photographer needs his own room. 

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